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About TSUDOI Project

TSUDOI means “get-together” in Japanese. It is the opposite of social distancing.

The TSUDOI Project is a Facebook Group for people to connect with each other to explore and practice key Japanese culinary concepts such as washoku and kansha in their own kitchens.

Cooking projects are announced periodically; these are linked thematically to this site’s KITCHEN CULTURE blog. Project Assignments and links to relevant reference material stored on this site will be posted to this TSUDOI Project page.

Members are encouraged to post photos and a short description of what they make in their own kitchens in accordance with the chosen theme.

Make your own version of ODEN

Create your own version of ODEN


This project is about MAKING YOUR OWN VERSION of ODEN, a belly-warming stew that most often features sausage-like items made from surimi fish and seafood paste. But there are LOTS of wonderful vegan and vegetarian options, too.

Beginning with this project, the TSUDOI Group assignments will be linked thematically to my KITCHEN CULTURE blog. All reference materials for the assignments will be stored on this TASTE of CULTURE website (previous assignments and reference documents were available only to members of the Face Book Group within the FB Files Library). This project has two posts: ODEN Part ONE (plant-based options) and ODEN Part TWO (focused on seafood). 

For those who wish to post photos of their kitchen projects, comment and/or ask questions about this and other projects, you will need to be a member of TSUDOI Group. If you are not already a member, please apply here.

Looking forward to seeing what Tsudoi members make in their kitchens…

Oden for Summertime

Although Oden is traditionally enjoyed during the cold winter months in Japan, there are summertime versions, too. For those living in the Southern Hemisphere, I encourage you to make HIYASHI (chilled) ODEN.

Summer vegetables such as tomatoes (blanch briefly to peel), corn (briefly boiled or steamed then set to soak in seasoned broth), eggplant (roasted and peeled), eggs (boiled and peeled then set to soak in seasoned broth)and okra (prepared ohitashi-style) are perfect. Really refreshing!

Create your own personal Ozōni

Create your own personal Ozōni

Join us on the TSUDOI Project group on Facebook, This project is about MAKING YOUR OWN VERSION of Ozōni, a special (New Year) holiday food in Japan. This unit introduces Tsudoi Project members to the customs and food associated with ushering in the New Year in Japan....

Making DASHI Stocks

Making DASHI Stocks

Join us on the TSUDOI Project group on Facebook, This project is about MAKING DASHI Stocks, an important skill in the Japanese kitchen. Dashi is essential to making soups and simmered or stewed dishes. Dashi is also used when making many egg dishes and all sorts of...



Join us on the TSUDOI Project group on Facebook, This project is about SHAPING (cooked) RICE into bundles.  Many rice dishes are worth preparing in large quantity, setting aside extra portions for future meals. One way to re-purpose left-over rice is to SHAPE IT into...

Takikomi Gohan

Takikomi Gohan

Join us on the TSUDOI Project group on Facebook, This project is about TAKIKOMI GOHAN, rice cooked with a flavorful liquid. In Japanese-style menu planning, seasonal tidbits are often given center stage... and takikomi gohan dishes provide a vehicle for spotlighting...



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