TSUDOI Project

Online get-togethers and cooking projects on Facebook

About TSUDOI Project

TSUDOI means “get-together” in Japanese. It is the opposite of social distancing.

The TSUDOI Project is a Facebook Group for people to connect with each other to explore and practice key Japanese culinary concepts such as washoku and kansha in their own kitchens.

Themed cooking projects are announced twice a month. Members are encouraged to post photos and a short description of what they make in their own kitchens in accordance with the chosen theme.

Meal Planning, 3 sets of 5

Meal Planning, 3 sets of 5

Crafting menus that are mindful of color, flavor and method of preparation is central to Japan’s WASHOKU approach. It is a simple and effective way to organize food choices to make handsome meals that have all the essential nutrients you need without overindulgence.

On the TSUDOI Project group on Facebook, you’ll find a short video presentation about the “3 Sets of 5” approach; please take a look.

Members of the Facebook group are invited to post one (or several) photos of YOUR project. Can’t wait to see what you’re making in your kitchen…

WASHOKU: Five colors

WASHOKU: Five colors

Washoku guidelines encourage us to prepare every meal using 5 colors (RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK & WHITE). This insures nutritional balance and makes food more inviting, too. This TSUDOI project asks you to create a meal that includes 5 colors. It could be as...

Using Food Fully: Carrots

Using Food Fully: Carrots

USING FOOD FULLY is a recurring theme in Japanese kitchens. Project One spotlights CARROTS. Create at least 3 dishes using carrots... to be served at the same meal, or spread across several days. The dishes can be savory, sweet, spicy... served piping hot, chilled, at...



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