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2021 Editions

November 2021: Chrysanthemums
October 2021: Halloween in Japan
September 2021: Sudachi & Kabosu
August 2021: Watermelon
July 2021: Celebrating the Seas, sea vegetables
June 2021: cold noodles Hiyashi Chūka
May 2021: ocha-zuké, rice moistened with green tea broth
April 2021: Colorful Carrots
March 2021: Edible Sakura blossoms & leaves
February 2021: AKU NUKI Bitterness Removal
January 2021: BANZUKÉ Ranking & ODEN

2020 Editions

Late December 2020: Mochi Tsuki
December 2020:Boxes & Baskets Filled with Food
November 2020: Groovy Grinding SURIBACHI
October 2020: Educated Sweet Potato
September 2020: Nanban-Zuké
August 2020 : Domburi Big Bowls
July 2020: Soba Noodles
June 2020:
Kitchen Strategies
May 2020: TSUDOI Project
April 2020: Rice Bundles
Special Edition: Going Viral
March 2020: Doll’s Day (Hina Matsuri)
February 2020: Japan’s Love Affair with Chocolate
January 2020: New Year, New Start, New Website

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