A Taste of Culture

Japanese Culinary Arts programs with Elizabeth Andoh


Each printable lesson includes detailed recipes and kitchen notes.

Kitchen Culture

Tasty tidbits from the old-fashioned Japanese kitchen

Kitchen Culture Cooking Club

Kitchen Culture Cooking Club

Practice Japanese kitchen culture at home with guided projects.

Hungry to learn more about Japan?

A TASTE OF CULTURE culinary arts program combines spicy tidbits of food lore with practical tips and skill-building lessons on how to prepare Japanese food. In-person programs are conducted in Tokyo, Japan, and offer a unique opportunity for foreign residents and visitors from overseas to explore and enjoy Japan’s culture through its food. Instruction, by ELIZABETH ANDOH, is in English. A variety of online learning options are available for those unable to be in Tokyo.

A Taste of Culture programs empower participants in the ways of the Japanese kitchen, providing them with basic skills and knowledge regarding traditional and classic cooking methods, equipment, ingredients, menu planning and food presentation. By focusing on essential foodstuffs and procedures, program participants can recreate authentic Japanese cuisine for themselves, no matter where in the world they may be.

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