Flower-Viewing Picnic Lunch


Buds typically appear on bare cherry tree branches toward the end of March, unfurling to full splendor by early April. Sakura last for only a few days before their fragile petals are scattered about — indeed, it is the very fleeting nature of these flowers that so appeals to the Japanese (and why cherry blossoms were chosen as the national flower).

Wanting to make the most of life’s brief-but-beautiful moments, office mates, friends, and families spread out tarps or old-fashioned goza (woven reed mats) beneath the flowering branches and proceed to eat and drink together. Hanami (flower-viewing) activities can become quite boisterous, though in a good-natured way. Join in the fun…

Make your own flower-viewing obentō !!!

LEARN basic BENTŌ skills:

Shape rice by hand, and with various tools/gadgets

Learn decorative vegetable cutting techniques

Master rolled omelet-making

 Tuition: ¥10,000 per person

This class is not currently being offered.
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Instruction at A Taste of Culture is in English. A Taste of Culture’s mission is to empower participants in the ways of the Japanese kitchen, providing them with basic skills and knowledge regarding traditional/classical cooking methods, equipment, ingredients, menu planning, and food presentation. By focusing on essential foodstuffs and procedures, program participants will be able to re-create authentic Japanese cuisine no matter where in the world they may be.

A Taste of Culture does not offer instruction in the preparation of raw-fish dishes. The topic of selecting and handling a variety of fish to be consumed raw, is a subject that I believe is beyond the scope of any short program I could deliver. However, the menu-curriculum at A Taste of Culture can include the preparation of sushi meshi rice combined with cooked, smoked, and/or pickled fish, egg, and vegetables. Techniques for rolling, pressing and layering can be included in the curriculum.

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