Project KUSHI (skewers)

Mar 17, 2022 | Cooking Club


This Kitchen Culture Cooking Club PROJECT is about making SKEWERED FOOD in YOUR kitchen… and sharing with fellow members what you have made.

Many recipes for skewered foods can be found on this website:

Black Sesame Miso Tōfu Dengaku
Crunchy Kushi Agé

Fuki no Tō Miso Dengaku
(Vegan & Vegetarian Options) Oden Part One
Oden Part Two

In KANSHA: Miso-Slathered Nama Fu (page 148) and Miso Oden (page 171) and Mitarashi Dango (page 228)

The theme of my March 2022 newsletter is SKEWERS.

Japan’s repertoire of skewered foods is extensive; just a small sampling of savory options above (from upper right, clockwise; KUSHI calligraphy in the center):

Hatcho miso tōfu dengaku with kinomé garnish; mitarashi dango in soy syrup; Sendai miso tōfu dengaku; Sendai miso konnyaku dengaku with white poppy seed garnish; Shizuoka-style oden with ao nori and sanshō pepper; savory miso-and-walnut stuffed shiso maki; blended miso tōfu dengaku; green yomogi and blond awa fu dengaku with dark and light miso.

Visit the Kitchen Culture blog post for more information.

Looking forward to seeing YOUR KUSHI (skewer) dish at Kitchen Culture Cooking Club.
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