Fish (Mackerel)


You’ve been told that eating fish such as mackerel, rich in omega-3 fatty oils, is good for you. But oily fish is rarely featured on restaurant menus, and you’ve probably been reluctant to prepare it at home.

This LESSON focuses on three methods – simmering, broiling, and frying – that transform mackerel and similar fatty fish such as kingfish, salmon, and black cod into a variety of tasty dishes. Use these six recipes as a point of departure for exploring the many possibilities.



Recipe PDFs included:

  • Mackerel Simmered in Gingery Miso Sauce (Saba no Shōga Miso Ni)
  • Fisherman’s Broth (Semba-Jiru)
  • Garlicky Fried Mackerel Nuggets (Saba no Tatsuta Agé)
  • Fried Mackerel with Piquant Vegetable Sauce (Saba no Yasai An-Kaké)
  • Sesame-Crusted Mackerel (Saba no Goma Agé)
  • Salt-Broiled Mackerel (Saba no Shio Yaki)

Additional PDFs included:

  • KITCHEN NOTES: Neri Miso
  • KITCHEN NOTES: Mackerel

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