Tsukémono (cucumber, eggplant, ginger)


Japanese tsukémono encompass a wide range of foods that undergo transformations in flavor, texture, and appearance. “Agents of Change” — both ingredients (such as salt, vinegar, soy sauce and kōji) and techniques (gentle massage-like pressure, weighted pressure, and submersion in brine or paste) are what enable the transformation.

This LESSON featuring cucumbers, eggplants and ginger tsukémono includes several quick-pickle projects assembled and ready to eat the same day as well as some longer projects that require weeks to reach maturity but provide prolonged eating pleasure.



Recipe PDFs included:
Crisp Soy-Pickled Cucumber & Ginger
Mustard-Spiked, Kōji-Pickled Cucumbers
Chili-Spiked Beer-Soused Cucumbers
Eggplants Pickled in Mustard and Soy
Lightly Brined Eggplant (Nasu no Asa-Zuké)
Rosy Red Pickled Ginger

Additional reference PDFs included:
About Tsukémono 
KITCHEN NOTES Eggplant + Alum
KITCHEN NOTES Japanese mustard
KITCHEN NOTES Plum Vinegar + Momi-Jiso

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