Elusive Taste of Spring: URUI

Apr 22, 2022 | Recipes

The Elusive Taste of Spring

Urui (Hosta sieboldiana) is in the lily family; it is often planted as an ornamental in gardens. It thrives in damp soil in areas of partial or dappled shade. It has been cultivated in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868) though young shoots of wild urui have been foraged for food for thousands of years. In Japan, urui is a sign of spring to be savored at table.

Urui with Tangy Su Miso
Urui with Kurumi Miso


Either, or both, of these flavored miso mixtures can become a dip sauce for urui. Or, use the sauces to toss and dress urui.

Download a recipe for URUI with Two Miso Sauces.

URUI no Niku Maki

The clean, almost grassy-like, taste of urui accommodates the rich fattiness of pork belly very well. Season with just salt and pepper, or add a dab of yuzu koshō at the last moment. The rolls pack nicely into obentō… and make a great nibble with beer, wine or saké.

Download a recipe for URUI Meat Roll-Ups.

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