Home-Style Meals with Ichiya-boshi

Dec 7, 2022 | Cooking Club

Making a Home-Style Meal featuring ichiya-boshi 

Traditionally, bountiful catches of fish were gutted, salted, and set out to dry in order to extend their shelf life. The generic term for these sorts of fish is himono, literally “the dried thing,” though these air-dried fish are actually quite moist to the touch, and wonderfully succulent when broiled. Air-dried fish are also known as ichiya-boshi (literally, “dried overnight”).

Air-dried fish are increasingly available in Asian markets outside Japan (look in the refrigerator or freezer section of the store). This KCCC PROJECT is about making a meal with air-dried fish.

Download this Guide to Buying & Storing Ichiya-Boshi.

Download this Basic Broiled Air-Dried Fish recipe.

For help constructing a meal scroll down to Assembling a Meal featuring ICHIYA-BOSHI where you’ll find lots of suggestions.

Please track your kitchen activity with photos and add a brief description. Then post your ICHIYA-BOSHI Adventures to the Kitchen Culture Cooking Club.

Looking forward to seeing what you make in YOUR kitchen!

Assembling a Meal featuring ICHIYA-BOSHI

A simple, home-style Japanese meal most often follows the ICHI JŪ SAN SAI format of one soup + 3 dishes… and rice. Download a recipe for Ordinary Miso Soup

Many other recipes can be found in WASHOKU (Cooked White Rice pg 137; Rice with Mixed Grains pg 139; Soy-Braised Hijiki and Carrots pg 187; Lemon-Simmered Kabocha pg 204) and KANSHA (Spicy Stir-Fry pg 122; Wakame with Tart Ginger Dressing pg 147; Sour Soy-Pickled Ramps pg 200; Quick-Fix Pickles pg 195 & 196).

On this website, in Kitchen Culture there are still more possibilities such as: Ohitashi spinach and Kimpira and Carrot-Ginger Rice.

Head to the Kitchen Culture page for more about ichiya-boshi fish.

My December 2022 NEWSLETTER is about Ichiya-Boshi comfort food from the sea.

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