Project Tomato Salad

Jul 17, 2023 | Cooking Club

TOMATOES combine well with both land and sea vegetables, and with cold noodles too, to make a variety of SALADS. This Project Tomato Salad is about creating your own “house” salad featuring tomatoes.

To start you off, here is a recipe for enjoying tomatoes OHITASHI-style


Tomatoes and cold noodles are a winning combination. Find information and inspiration in the posts devoted to:


This combination of land and sea veggies makes a terrific salad, a summertime favorite in Japan.

Here is a primer on using fresh and/or dried calcium-rich wakamé (Undaria pinnatifida; a type of algae). DOWNLOAD Anatomy of Wakamé.



In Japan, tomatoes are often paired with tōfu in a dish known as hiya yakko.

Bonito flakes (katsuo-bushi also known as okaka) are often used to garnish fresh or briefly blanched vegetables. The fish flakes will be more smoky-aromatic if roasted in a dry skillet before crushing them.

Use this post devoted to okra to help you prepare it well.

Plain, or flavored (aji-tsuke) nori can be crumpled and sprinkled on top of tomatoes — a tart sesame-soy dressing goes well with this. Or, make nori tsukudani and use it as asauce or dressing.

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